Lumpia Gaming...we're only semi serious here. :)
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Welcome to the Lumpia Gaming
Our Rust server Is running the Oxide mod.
The server is located in Chicago and hosted by Multiplay.
We are a PVP-oriented group that aims to have a tight-knit community that wants to kill one another! Competition is fun! Our admins will be dilligent in ensuring that we provide our players with a fun and fair playing environment.
That being said, hacking and heavy griefing (i.e. unnecessary permanent structures while raiding) will be handled appropriately. Blatant hacking will be banned immediately while other situations will be handled through proper investigation.
C4 will be limited to drops and event prizes only. C4 will not be craftable as Explosives will not appear in air drops, C4 BP will not spawn and Explosives and C4 are not researchable. We're hoping this will prevent players from being unnecessarily malicious. We want you to kill each other, not make each other quit!
Events will be held on a regular basis (usually 1-3 a week) and will be posted on the website so players will know when events will be without needing to be in game.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact boolaga in game or on the server TeamSpeak.
Thanks and happy fragging!

Lumpia server info!   


The next 0 Events.

Sorry, we have no current events available.
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Rust Game :: Server Location
Rust Game

The Server Went down for 5min Saturday for Location Switch from Dallas to Chicago. So Far the server is Running Lag Free and everything seems to be running as it should be!

Posted by Genzc | (Read More... | Score: 0)
Rust Game :: Server Down time
Rust Game

So the server has been Offline for a few days .. Because someone was doing a DDOS on the server host. server is back working but the update failed so we are awaiting the update files to go live.

Posted by Genzc | (Read More... | Score: 0)

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